'Squares With Two Circles' (1)
Abercromby Square, Liverpool University

Picture taken in 1999, donated by Robin Riley

Sculptor: Barbara Hepworth
Installed: 1969
Material: Bronze on a concrete base 


Barbara Hepworth (1903-1976) created three casts of this design from 1963. One is in Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield, the second is in The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. Hepworth also designed the platform in which this cast sits on the eastern perimeter of Abercromby Square. The design dates from the period when the sculptor had moved from carving in wood and plaster to working with metals and casting. The upright slab is said to reference Neolithic Standing Stones and the circles indicate her interest at that time in the relationship between occupied and empty space with the relationship of the two loosely scaled on the human form.

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Alan Maycock 2007


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