Inaugural Meeting of The Friends of Liverpool Monuments

The inaugural meeting of The Friends of Liverpool Monuments took place on Tuesday 18th January at the Vauxhall Millennium Resource Centre. Despite it being a very cold and wintry day more than 30 people attended and all were impressed with the aims and objectives of the newly launched organisation.

Speaking at the meeting, Patrick Neill highlighted how there is a definite need for people in Liverpool to be more aware of the cityís fine monuments and to be able to secure ways by which these monuments can be better respected and in many cases protected. It is a sad fact of life that city-wide demolition of old buildings etc during the 1970s has robbed the city of much of its cultural history and heritage.

Patrickís sentiments were shared by many people at the meeting and it was expressed that The Friends of Liverpool Monuments could go a long way to correcting the errors of the past to ensure that the monuments in and around the city of Liverpool would be there in the future and that many more people would and could be aware of their history etc.

Patrick thanked Nancy Flanagan MBE for accepting the position of President of The Friends of Liverpool Monuments. Nancy said that she was very much aware of the importance of retaining as much of the history of the city and itís surrounding districts and that too many monuments paid for by ordinary people have either been sold off or destroyed to make way for supposed improvements.

Elected as acting Chairman was Tony Siebenthaler. Elected as Vice Chair was Patrick Neill. Elected as Secretary was Ron Formby and further appointments will be made at a later date.

The Friends of Liverpool Monuments is open to public membership and in the next couple of week details of how to join The Friends of Liverpool Monuments will be published on this website and also in the Scottie Press Community Newspaper. It is a definite intention of The Friends of Liverpool Monuments to produce a regular newsletter which will feature the most up to date news about the organisation together with details of meeting times etc.

Ron Formby - 18th January 2005

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