Melly Fountain in Nuneaton Market Place
Picture copied from the Memoirs of Charles P. Melly 

Picture donated by Jonathan P. Neill 

In Memoriam
C. P. M.

Nuneaton Market Place

This Drinking Fountain was erected in the Market Place Nuneaton, by Edward F. Melly the son of Charles Melly, who was a J.P., Alderman, Lord Mayor and Freeman of Nuneaton. It was taken down and the water supply used for a static water tank in connection with air raid precautions in 1940. The old stone water fountain was stored for many years in the council yard in Queens Road at the back of the library.

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Edward Ferdinand Melly

Edward F. Melly was born in Liverpool on the 7th July 1857, the son of Charles P. Melly of Liverpool and Louise Forget of Geneva, Switzerland. The 1881 Census shows Edward as a boarder at 50 New Porter Street, Eccleston Bierlow, York, England, his occupation was Mining Engineer, he gave his age as 23 years. He married Janet Wood on 14th May 1886. Janet died 20th September 1899 and Edward remarried 15th June 1906 to Harriet Lees. Both died in an air raid on the 23rd May 1941.